Abraham Type of Rescuer

Genesis 14:1-16

I am thinking that this is a type of rescue that shows how Jesus rescued us from the world.

Abram found out that Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities of the plain were invaded and captured by 4 other kings. This is the world in which we live in. Chedorlaomer could very well be a type of Satan capturing the world for himself.

How many times have we tried to free ourselves from Satan’s rule by trying some self-help books or going to psychologists or hiding behind alcohol and drugs only to see that we are not freed but more entangled in his web.

Abram, like Christ, could have just ignored the fact that his nephew, Lot, was taken captive. Christ could have left us alone to our own devices and let Satan enslave us.

But like Christ, Abram rescued the people of the plain and his nephew, Lot, in particular. Jesus Christ died for the whole world and rose from the grave so that we could have life. The believers are those that benefited most from his sacrifice.

Abram acted out of love for Lot and compassion for his neighbors just like Jesus acted out of love for us and the world. Just like Lot did not deserve Abrams love, for he acted out of selfishness by going to the cities of the plain, we did not deserve Jesus love because we were sinners.